Palác Dunaj

Modern office and commercial premises with the refined spirit of the 1920s

About the project

Dunaj Palace on Národní Street offers exclusive office and commercial premises with a total area of 8 800 sqm.

Discover the elegance of Dunaj Palace

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The building has the latest technology all the while retaining its First Republic splendour and refinement.

For example, the original paternoster will be repurposed in the form of a moving art gallery, and the atrium will once again be open to the public.

Now and then

The historic core and centre of action with excellent access to transport

Dunaj Palace is located in the centre of an exceptional area in Prague that literally breathes history.

The genius loci is underscored by the unique view of the Prague skyline from the common rooftop terrace covering an area of 700 sqm.